Kowa Binocular Spring Savings Event

Starting today and running through April 15th
Kowa is having a Kowa Binocular Spring Savings Event.

This is a fantastic time for you to get the 
Kowa Binocular
that you've been wanting and save some serious $$$$$

SV32-8 8x32mm Binoculars

 reduced from $200.00

 to only $149.99

SV50-12 12x50mm Binoculars

reduced from $275.00

 to only $199.99

All lenses and prisms of the SV Series are fully multi-coated. In addition, the roof prism (SV Series) is phase coated and has a highly reflective coating that minimizes the loss of light and produces a clear visual range and sharp image. Even though costs were reduced through simultaneous product development and the implementation of an objective focus mechanism (SV 32/42), the superior optical performance was maintained without sacrificing important features like being waterproof and dry nitrogen gas filled.

The stylish design is ideal for bird watching, nature observation or any other outdoor activity. Depressions placed in the rubber armor make it easy to grip and hold the binoculars.

The lightweight design of the SV Series allows for extended use in the field. Even with a large 50mm objective lens, the weight of the SV 50 at 740g (10× model) is on par with most 42mm class binoculars. You can enjoy the overwhelming brightness of a 50mm lens with the weight of a 42mm class binocular.

The binoculars are waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the internal structure from fogging.

Kowa BD II:

Enjoy sharp images with natural colour, high contrast and incredible detail, from dawn through to dusk.

Rugged reliability ensured.
Every model in the BDII-XD range benefits from a magnesium alloy chassis, a sophisticated moulding process produces the feel and strength of metal with the added benefit of decreased weight.

The lightweight, rugged structure can tolerate the severest conditions and provides a sense of security and longevity.

The BDII-XD are built to last. Use them with confidence.
Surrounding the tough magnesium alloy body is a protective layer of rubber armour, not only providing a sure, comfortable grip but also increasing the level of durability.

Each BDII-XD is fully waterproof and dry nitrogen filled to prevent the lenses from fogging and Kowa’s KR coating protects from dirt and other foreign residue build-up that may affi x to the lenses during use.

Take a wider point of view.
One of the stand-out optical features of the BDII-XD series is their enviable large field of view, boasting class leading wide angle performance.

Viewing is super comfortable on the eye, making long periods of use out in the field a pleasure.

Engineered for your comfort.
The BDII-XD series are engineered to enhance your viewing experience.

A sleek, ergonomic design with a specially selected tactile rubber armour layer ensures easy and comfortable operation - elevating every moment of use.

Operation is flawless.
A fluid, responsive focus wheel delivers pin point accuracy and smooth twist eye-cups ensure optimum viewing for both spectacle and non spectacle wearers.

Tailor the BDII-XD specific to your own viewing requirements with an easy to use dioptre adjustment system.

The ergonomic body of the BDII-XD series is as impressive as the optics it protects, with every curve considered to make observation both relaxing and free from fatigue.

BD II 6.5x32mm Wide Angle Binocular with “XD” Lens
 reduced from $399.00 to only $325.00

BD II 8x32mm Wide Angle Binocular with “XD” Lens
 reduced from $399.00 to only $325.00

BD II 10x32mm Wide Angle Binocular with “XD” Lens
 reduced from $399.00 to only $325.00

BD II 8x42mm Wide Angle Binocular with “XD” Lens
 reduced from $449.00 to only $375.00

BD II 10x42mm Wide Angle Binocular with “XD” Lens
 reduced from $449.00 to only $375.00

Kowa Genesis:

The Genesis Series incorporates a total of 4 XD lenses (2 sets of 2 lenses) to significantly reduce chromatic aberration and provide a high contrast in the field of view. The wide angle eyepiece design increases the field of view in the 8x by 28% (420ft @ 1000yd) and 10x by 14% (360ft @ 1000yd) compared to the BD32 Series.

Kowa's XD Lenses (eXtra-low Dispersion glass with similar characteristics to fluorite crystal) combines with a special dispersion concave lens to reduce a very high percentage of chromatic aberration for the ultimate viewing experience.

Schmidt-Pechan Roof Prism Lens and C3 Coating
Kowa's roof prism binoculars use a Schmidt-Pechan prism. With the highly reflective C3 coating application, this increases reflectivity by 99% or higher reflectance rate across the entire visible spectrum (400-700nm). This not only provides bright and sharp images, but also accurate color reproduction.

Kowa's KR coating protects the lenses from dirt and other foreign residues that may affix to the lenses during normal use. Fingerprints or oil can easily be removed with the proper lens cleaning techniques.

Phase-Coated Roof Prism
The Schmidt prism roof surface is phase corrected to ensure sharp images for the most outstanding image contrast.

The all-surface multi-coated optical system provides a precise color definition for a brighter and sharper image.

Waterproof and Fogproof
The housing is waterproof to JIS Protection Class 7 and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent internal fogging to ensure image clarity.

Twist-up multi-step eyecups allow customization for easy viewing even when wearing eyeglasses.

Genesis 33 8x33mm Prominar XD GN33-8 Binocular

 reduced from $999.00 to only $799.00

Genesis 33 10x33mm Prominar XD GN33-10 Binocular

reduced from $1,099.00 to only $799.00

Genesis 44 8.5x44mm Prominar XD GN44-8 Binoculars

reduced from $1,299.00 to only $999.00

Genesis 44 10.5x44mm Prominar XD GN44-10 Binoculars

reduced from $1,399.00 to only $999.00

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