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10/17/2007 7:38:26 PM 
Name your Best Trail Cam
Been reading alot of differnt reviews on Trail Cameras.

What do real users have to say about their Trail Cameras?

I've had:
Trail Timer on a String $10 Worked good, but a one time event.
Trail Timer:I paid over $200 for a 500 event trail timer about 10 years ago.
Still works good.
Stealth Cam 35mm Game Cam.
Works good, except for using alot of film.
Stealth Cam 1.2 - Returned because it never triggered correctly.
Moultree 1.2 - Returned because it loved batteries & never triggered.
Bushnell 2.1 - Works Great, good battery life. Good trigger time.
If I put on a feeder, it will get hundreds of shots. I've even gotten shots of birds in mid flight. Left it on a trail last winter & got hundreds of shots before batteries went down.
Got Coyotes & even a bobcat at night.

Been reading conflicting reviews of the new Bushnell & even Cuddieback cams.

Does anyone have any experience?
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11/18/2007 6:52:54 AM 
home brew
I build my own ....I can customize them to suit my need. Lots of info about it online. Very addictive hobby....
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