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8/19/2008 11:22:27 AM 
Started and Finished Shorthairs and Labs
Sevaral very well started shorthairs and labs ready to go. Price will go up with training level. Also have a couple pointing labs ready to go. All dogs are 100% guaranteed. If you don't like your dog for any reason we will replace it with another dog. If you would like to see some of our dogs work you can go to our website and watch them in the videos section. Our version of a started dog is a young dog that is fully ready to hit the field and give you an honest days hunt. They will add to your hunt, not hinder it. I guide with several of my 9+ month old pups each year before selling them. They have to be totally reliable in the field for me to put them on the ground in front of customers. These dogs are trained on pigeons and WILD South Dakota Pheasants. If you have any additional questions you can contact us at the number below. Pedigrees on request. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, PLEASE!!!!!!

Cell 605-395-7799
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